Аккемское озеро

Tour: Novosibirsk — Altai Palace — Artybash — Novosibirsk (8 days, 7 nights)

KIA Granbird bus 45 seats, group 20 tourists + guide + translator.


Day 1

11:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m. — a meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk with a guide, boarding a bus, transfer to the hotel "Altai Palace" — 490 km.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion to the red deer breeding farm, climbing the mountain. Lunch (not included in the price). After lunch — free time.

In the evening dinner (not included), free time. Excursion to the red deer breeding farm (ride about 15 minutes, 200 rub / person), horses at the rate of 400 rubles / horse (there are about 4-5 horses), Organize the movement of tourists deep into the economy (~100 rub) closer to the red deers, a buffet in the outdoors ~600-800 rubles).

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to the excursion "Secrets of the ancient Altai" Car excursion. Let’s visit: Chuysk tract, Chemal tract, Dry waterfall, Marble cave, Rock of shamans, see rock carvings, ancient burial mounds, Oroktoi bridge, mysterious tunnels. Duration of the excursion is 8 hours, beginning at 11:00 a.m., return to the hotel — 7:00 p.m.. During the tour — lunch in a cafe.

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel. Delivery of rooms. Departure from the hotel at 10:00 a.m. Moving to the village. Artybash (Teletskoye Lake) (200 km, traveling time is 3 hours) and check-in to the Artybash hotel. Afternoon Excursion to the ethno-cultural center of the indigenous peoples of the North Altai "Altai ail" will be interesting in terms of cognition for adults and children. "Altai ail" is located in an amazing location on the shore of one of the most beautiful rivers of Gorny Altai — Biya, 22 km from Teletskoye Lake. The center offers a rich excursion program, which includes acquaintance with the life and culture of the Altaians through rituals and national dishes — tolkan, araku, chegen, teerpek, tach-pach. Everyone can visit the traditional dwelling of Altaians — ail. The keeper of folk tales — kaichi — will tell amazing Altai legends.

Duration — 4 hours.
The cost is 350 rubles per person.
In the evening dinner (not included), free time.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. One-day tour to the valley of the river Chulyshman to the stone mushrooms. Shuttle transfer by boat to Teletskoye Lake from Artybash village to Cape Kirsai (the southern extremity of Teletskoye Lake), with a stop at the Korbu waterfall. Drive from Cape Kyrsai to the Akkurum tract (40 km.). Crossing the Chulyshman River by boat. Trekking — climbing to the Stone Fungi. Transfer to Cape Kyrsai. Camp dinner. Returning by motor boat to the village of Artibash.

Requirements for equipment: it is desirable to have trekking boots or steady shoes, comfortable trousers, a hat, a jacket — a windbreaker.

The time now is: 7:30 a.m. — 7:30 p.m. The cost of 6000 rubles / person.

In the evening dinner (not included), free time.

Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel. Delivery of rooms. Departure to Novosibirsk. On the way, stop in Biysk. Dinner.

Accommodation in Novosibirsk in the hotel Azimut 4*. Dinner (not included) (lunch — 500 r).

Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion in Novosibirsk, visiting the zoo — (Novosibirsk Zoo took 9th place among the zoos in Europe and entered the top 20 in the world according to the rating of the famous travel site TripAdvisor).
Visit to the museum of local lore.
Visit a jewelry store, a perfume store, brand clothes.
Lunch in a cafe.

Day 8

Transfer of numbers and early departure to the airport.