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Tourist Complex "Eagle’s Nest"

Tourist Complex "Eagle’s Nest" is located on the right bank of the mountain river Katun, in a pine forest. All houses are built of round logs.

Accommodation is possible in 4 cottages, a total of 22 rooms, a capacity of 56 people (44 seats + 12 extra beds) and 39 summer alpine houses, with a capacity of 123 people. On the territory there are gazebos. Also on the territory of the complex is its restaurant, 2 baths, rental services, billiards, table tennis, a conference hall with project equipment (60 seats), excursions and other entertainment.

Location: Altai Republic, 3 km from the village. Ust-Muna, 490 km of the Chuysk tract.

Meals: The restaurant is open from 9 am to 11 pm. Breakfasts from 9am to 11am.


  • Pool
  • Room service
  • A restaurant
  • Free WiFi
  • Room service
  • Free parking
  • Laundry service
  • Concierge
  • Banqueting hall
  • Conference rooms
  • Bar / Lobby
  • Spa


1. "Chemal Kaleidoscope". Visit to the existing hydropower plant on the Chemal River. You will see the place of the confluence of two rivers — Chemal and Katun. The opening panorama fascinates: the bubble just met with Chemal Katun at the bottom, and huge cliffs pierce from under your feet, this place is called "Gate of Sartakpai". You will visit the picturesque rocky island "Patmos" in the middle of the Katun River. On the island there is an Orthodox church, connected with another shore by an elegant suspension bridge, the temple belongs to the nunnery of the apostle John the Theologian. Also you will visit the largest souvenir bazaar.

2. "Blossoming Valley". tour includes: — visiting the arboretum — visit the nursery, where you can get acquainted with various kinds of plants, shrubs, fruit trees, if you want to buy — can be found, taste and buy the products of the company Biola.

3. "Tavdinsky caves". Tavdinsky caves are located on the left bank of the Katun, opposite the Limestone settlement. The holes extend almost 3 km. Tourists will see the legendary karst arch, will be held at the Grand Tavdinsky cave deep mountains for tens of meters (if rain, the cave does not work, instead offer to visit the archaeological complex "Crossroads of the Worlds" — an ancient settlement and burial mounds, etnokompleks Scythian and Turkic period) — visit the monument to Nicholas Roerich located on one of the most beautiful Katunsky terraces, the grotto of Ichthyander. — a visit to the real Orthodox apiary, tasting honey and bee products. Those who wish can get high-quality honey. The apiary is located at the very beginning of the territory of one of the five gambling zones of the future "Siberian coin".

4. "On a visit to the bison". Excursion to Cherginsky bison nursery, where you can see real Belovezhskaya bison witnesses of Quaternary glaciation.

5. "Askat — the village of masters". A trip to the village of Askat on the left bank of the Katun, famous for its artists and craftsmen who work with clay, wood, metal and other materials. There are three exhibitions in Askat: a souvenir shop "Bai-Terek", an ethnographic gallery "Kauri" and an exhibition of the Golovan family. The excursion is complemented by a walk to the Silver Spring, which is located on the top of the river Askatka with cool tasty water.

6. The complex of the Russian doll "Desyatyrichka". The excursion is aimed at children, you will fall into a whole kingdom consisting of 200 different dolls — gaming, ritual, oberezhnyh, ritual. You will have a unique opportunity to make your own doll, and also take away a piece of the Russian soul.

7. "To Lake Manzherok". Visit to the lake. Manzherok, which is located at the foot of the town of Sinyuha, where the relict nut Chilim grows, is listed in the red book. The rise of the chairlift on g.Sinyuha on the bird’s-eye view, with stunning views of the valley r.Katun to complex "Legend of the mountains" to the Great Altai tambourine Itu-Tai and Tiber. Visit to the shaman’s chadyra and communication with the shaman (optional). Those who wish can get Slavic amulets, and activate them from the shaman. Walk along the trails along the top of the mountain Sinyuha.

8. "Valley of mountain spirits". Journey through the Chemal tract, along the Katun river to the canyon "Chech-Kysh" — walk along the gorge, view a small but beautiful waterfall, climb to the observation platform. (admission ticket is optional on site).

9. "Maralnik". A trip to the most beautiful place — the Karym gorge, to the maralnik. The territory of the maral is located on the picturesque slopes of mountain ranges, a huge number of grasses and flowers, grazing in the meadows of marals and horses will not leave you indifferent (admission ticket in place).