Hotel "Areda" 3*

General information: The complex consists of 2 three-story buildings and a two-storey cottage, 35 rooms, a maximum capacity is 90 people (70 + 20 additional seats). Recommended for families, for families with children. Checkout time: check-out time 10:00, check-in 12:00. Meals: in the restaurant and bar, complex three meals per day, ordering a La carte. Table d’hote 1250.00 rub. Breakfast is included in the price, lunch 650.00, and dinner 600 rub.

Infrastructure: restaurant and bar, outdoor swimming pool, water slide, tennis court, sauna with swimming pool, children’s playground, conference hall, fireplace halls, barbecue area, parking, playground, billiards, American pool, sightseeing program. Swimming pool is free for. Sauna with a swimming pool 1500.00 per hour. Bathing baths session (June-September), visiting of red deer breeding farm "Karym" from 2000,00 rub.

Room service: Daily maid service.

Children: Children’s pool, children’s playground, discount on accommodation and excursions, free accommodation up to 5 years (without bed and food). Baby cots are free of charge.

Conference — Conference Hall

Water bodies and beach: summer outdoor pool, mountain river Cuba.

Alpine skiing, winter holidays.

Excursions: a wide choice of routes and excursions to the mountain Altai, during which you can see untouched nature, reserved place and enjoy beautiful landscapes! Among a wide variety of programs, each of you can choose a trip depending on your desires and possibilities. Active recreation on rafts, horses, bicycles and cars, family or in the company of noisy friends!

Contact details: Altai Republic, Chemalsky district, Chemal village, Areda tract. The hotel is located 530 km from Novosibirsk, which allows you to get to the hotel from the airport in Novosibirsk for 9-10 hours.

Reservation department: +7 923-175-11-55.

Our tourists while booking accommodation are interested in: what to do in Altai in winter?

1. Excursion to the "Blue Lakes"
In the winter season, an excursion to the "Blue Lakes" is popular. The lake is located about 40 km from the "Hotel Areda".

In winter cross the ice from the tourist camp "Berel" to the opposite shore of the Katun. There are two or three lakes, depending on the water level in Katun. The water in the lakes flows from the lake to the lake and then flows into the river. The lakes appear at the end of August at a low water level in Katun and exists all winter until the second decade of April. Lakes feed wellsprings, and the water in the lakes is twitching with ice only at temperatures below −30 C.

In spring, the full-flowing Katun fills the lakes, which become the sleeve of the river, enveloping a small island. The water in the lakes is of an amazing turquoise color. Beside a small lake near the island, one shore, is a stone block, which goes off by a cliff vertically down a meter to two, here you can even dive. The greatest depth of the lake is 8 meters.

On the island, on the weekends, a frame bath is heated, so that you can swim and warm yourself. Blue lakes are a real winter wonder. Over time, the interest of winter recreation lovers to the lakes has increased significantly — except for bathing, for example, such a service as scuba diving.

The pleasure is available to all comers and is quite inexpensive, the equipment is offered here. For guests here is organized a table, barbecue areas, always on a fire warms Altaic tea with honey, guides tell interesting facts and mythical legends about these lakes.

2. Excursion along the Chuysky tract
Another popular winter excursion is a road trip around the Chuysky tract. This visit of the Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes to the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers. On the right bank of the Chuya River, on the rocks along the road in the Kalbak-Tash tract, you will see ancient petroglyphs and stone sculptures in the vicinity. Winter on the Chuysky tract is a time when the flow of tourists becomes much less, but does not stop at all. This is one of the longest and most beautiful excursions in the Altai Mountains, revealing an amazing and mysterious world of mountains.

3. Horse routes
There is a stable near the "Hotel Areda". Tour guides suggest in wintertime to go astride forest trails to frozen waterfalls. These routes do not take much time and are very interesting for adults and children. Moreover, we offer to your attention several winter entertainment complexes for which you can leave from our hotel complex:

A) Entertaining ski complex "Turquoise Katun"
It is located 50 km from "Hotels Areda. On the territory of the complex there are 3 ski slopes of different levels of complexity. The trails of the complex are suitable for both professional skiers and amateurs. Judging by the reviews of skiers at specialized forums, the right slope is considered the most interesting for skiers with experience (because of the difference in heights).

There is a route for snowtubbing, a training slope, off-piste skating.
A rope tow, a baby-lift.
Trails are prepared by snowcatchers, they have lighting.
There is a rental of ski equipment and inventory.
Offers instructor.
Infrastructure: On the slope there is: a cafe with 50 seats with hot meals, auto parking for 80 cars, rental of ski equipment and equipment, ice rink.

B) Entertaining ski complex "Manzherok"
It is located 60 km from the "Hotel Areda".
Because of the cable-chairlift — the longest chairlift in Siberia (2389 m), the all-season resort "Manzherok" is the central object of visiting the Altai Republic both in winter and summer.

Infrastructure "All-season resort" Manzherok ":

  • Quadruple chair lift (2,389 m);
  • Bike Park (downhill trails)
  • Playground;
  • Attractions;
  • Rope park;
  • Inverted house;
  • Cafe-dining room for 40 seats;
  • Bath complex with a capacity of up to 20 people;
  • Sports ground (30 * 12 m.) With equipment: hanging ropes, pears, booths, barbells, dumbbells, outfitting for melee sports;
  • Trails for skiing 1050 and 1200 m;
  • Rent of ski equipment and inventory of leading trade marks;
  • Ski School "Smartsnow";
  • Skating rink with skate rental.

From the top station of the ropeway (1012 m. Above sea level) there is a beautiful view of the surroundings and the Katun River. The view from Malaya Sinyuha Mountain is beautiful at any time of the year.
At the upper station guests are expected to: services of professional photographers, terrenkury, viewing platform, lounge area, cafe, "Altai Legend" complex, Altai Ail museum, paragliding start area, downhill trail, observation binoculars.

C) The entertaining complex "Gora Veselaya"
It is 87 km from the "Hotel Areda"
In winter, there is a ski slope with a drag lift, a skating rink, a unique slide, a track for inflatable balloons, snowmobiles and much more. There is a café, rental of mountain skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, sledges, skates and other equipment and equipment necessary for enjoying active winter holidays.
Free in the territory:

  • playground;
  • a large ice rink (evening lighting);
  • baby-elevator;
  • a unique hill-ice-hole;
  • Tubing-route;
  • ski trail with drag lift;

At extra charge:

  • rent of mountain skis, snowboards, snowmen, sledges, skates and other equipment;
  • rental horses;
  • 2 sites with a stationary brazier;
  • portable braziers;
  • tandyr;
  • Bath (for 5 people);
  • brooms;
  • sightseeing tours on snowmobiles;
  • a cafe;
  • service instructor.

D) Ski complex at the Seminsky pass
From the "Hotel Areda" is located 200 km
The Seminsky pass is considered the highest mountain in Siberia (height about 1800 m above sea level) and can be considered a resort because of the cleanest air filled with the smell of cedars. Snow usually falls here at the end of October and sometimes stays on May holidays inclusive. In the Christmas holidays, there are always many guests. Trails are simple, more suitable for beginners, only the upper part of the slope is more complex — it has a slope of 30 degrees.

For confident skaters there is the possibility of off-piste skating. And you can also ask about the possibility of skidding on snowmobiles to Mount Sarlik and free descent. Trails are provided by a draglift. The length of the lift is 1040 m. From the top station of the ski lift, you can go down three slopes. On the base, there is a rental of ski equipment. In winter, the ice rink is filled. There is a route for snowtubbing.

F) Mountain ski resort "Belokurikha"
It is located 200 km from the "Hotel Areda"
In the resort of Belokurikha, there are several ski resorts. The length of the slope is 850 m. The height difference is 240 m. There two lifts. System of artificial snowmaking, evening lighting. The track "blue", and in some places "red" — is interesting for skiers of average level and experienced skaters.

For beginners, there is a training hill, instructors work, equipment rental, there is a cafe on the top of the slope. The slope on Mount Tserkovka is the longest ski slope in Belokurikha — 2600 m., The height difference is 550 m. The lift is a chair lift (25 minutes of ascent).

Basically, the ski lift is used for excursions to Mount Tserkovka, because the slope is not always handled by a snowcat, there is little snow, there is no artificial snow making, so it is necessary to find out on the spot whether descent from the Mount Tserkovka is possible. Track "red", for experienced skaters, the width of the route is small. At the top station of the lift there is a cafe.

G) The entertaining complex "Artibash"
From the "Hotel Areda" is located 250 km
The ski center on Teletskoye Lake is about 4.5 km from the village of Yogach. The ski complex is built on the slope of Mount Kokuya. The highest point of Kokuya Mountain is 1380 meters.


  • two lifts;
  • three routes;
  • descent from the top of the Kokuya mountain — length of the route 3,500 m, drop 840 m, climbing, snowmobile;
  • snow-skiing track (150 m.) with baby-elevator;
  • rink;
  • cross-country skiing track;
  • rental of equipment;
  • café.

Two tracks are accessible by a new chair lift. The length of each route is 1600 meters. Slope slopes — 15-30 meters. The difference in heights is 400 meters. The width of the trails is 40-60 meters.

Track "Comfort" with a drag lift. The length of the route is 1000 meters, the height difference is 200 meters. There are gentle and steep sections, in the lower part of the route there is a springboard.

The longest route — 2000 m starts from the bypass station of the chair lift and to the bottom station of the yoke.
The ski lift is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. Chair lift only works on weekends.

Services: rental of equipment (skiing, snowboarding), renting of snow-tubing + lifts on baby-lift, rental of cross-country skis, skating, dog sledding, cafe, children’s center "Happy childhood".